Top 10 Secrets to Selling Your Home Faster

Top 10 Secrets to Selling Your Home Faster

Selling a house is a layered and time-taking transaction that often involves considerable planning. As a buyer, you however would ideally like the sale to go fast and smooth, but things often don’t pan out the way we imagine. And even when the demand for housing is growing across Canada, that does not guarantee that yours one too might sell fast.

After all, there are times when you notice houses finding it tough to sell for no obvious reason. To avoid that kind of situation, you should plan things carefully and take the right steps at the right time to close the deal faster. The key will always be to make the house attractive so that potential buyers show interest and ultimately buy it.

In this post, we will discuss some secrets and tips to selling your home faster. Some of the tips are –

1. Choose your real estate broker wisely

Property transactions are anything but simple. And when you are doing it all alone, things can get overwhelming at times making the use of an experienced real estate broker essential. With so much to think and so many things to consider, chances of making errors will always be there. And since selling a house involves big money, you’d never want to commit an error.

This is where having a real estate broker can help. They are licensed professionals who can help and guide you through the entire sale process and ensure the best value for the property.

2. Set a realistic price

The key to selling a house faster is always to set a competitive asking price. If you set up a price that is high, potential buyers might not show interest and this can keep your property sitting on the market for longer than you’d like. The broker can help you set the right price as they have a complete knowledge of the area and they understand the market trends as well. Plus, they know exactly how much your house should cost based on the information of other similar properties in the area.

3. Work on improving the first impression of your property

The first impression is everything, real estate experts believe. So you too should not think otherwise. That’s why before putting the property on the market, it’s vital to first work on boosting its appeal and making it look tempting for potential buyers. There are many ways to enhance the charm of your house, like you can clean the walls, mow the lawn, deck up the garden a bit and do a bit of touch-up of both interior and exterior spaces.

4. Clean the home thoroughly, from top to bottom

A potential buyer might feel dissuaded when they find a house that has dust, dirt and bad odours all round. Such a house may attract buyers but it will always find it hard to sell. On the other hand, a house that is clean and neat sells faster. So, you should surely think of cleaning the house properly and thoroughly before putting it up for sale. Walls, windows, sinks, ceilings, kitchen and bathroom are some of the things you should ideally clean to make the house look good to buyers.

5. Remove clutter and make your house feel organized

When you are expecting a potential buyer, it’s your duty to keep the house as clutter free as it possibly can be. Ideally, there should not be things strewn here and there as it creates a feeling of mess and chaos. The focus should be on keeping the space as organized as it can get. So, start decluttering the space by removing needless things and household from the sight and then create some free spaces there as well.

6. Depersonalize your home

One of the first golden rules of selling a house fast is to de-personalize it. After all, buyers might feel put off by the sight of a house that has a lot of personal touch and feel with items like paintings, furniture, decorations etc. Maybe that’s why houses that portray a personal feel find it hard to sell faster compared to those who portray neutral look.

7. Get the timing right

Timing is everything when you plan to sell a house. You’d never want to sell when the months are not favourable or when the market is a bit on the down side. Though the Canadian market is experiencing a boom period these days, you will still have to put in some effort to get the house sold. And the key is always to choose the best time after having a careful consideration of the market.

8. Market your home efficiently

When you’re planning to sell a house all by yourself, you need to know the tricks and trade of marketing. You should know those channels and platforms where listings often fly off the market sooner rather than later. But when you have a broker by your side, they will take care of this key step for you.

 9. Be always ready to show the property

A property sale can happen any time. A buyer can come calling any time with the intention to view your house. So, you should always be ready to show the property to the buyer from every possible angle.

10. Respond soon to an offer

Buyers these days are too impatient to wait. And if they present you an offer, make sure you respond them soon enough, else they might hop onto the other offers down the alley.

Final Thought

Selling a home may feel complicated but when you’re ready everything can turn as simple as it get. And with a real estate broker for help, you can always expect a smooth ride.

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