Landlord Registration in Wales

Rent Smart Wales is the Welsh Assembly scheme for registering landlords, letting agents and properties. It came into force in November 2015 allowing landlords and agents up to 12 months to become registered. It applies to any person who owns residential rental properties in Wales, UK.

There are two types of registrations required for Landlords.

1. The landlord registration is a paid registration for all landlords who own a residential property in Wales which they do not live in. The fee for this is £33.50 if you apply online and £80.50 if you do a paper application. As part of the registration process you are required to supply details of all the properties you own.

Where you have any jointly owned properties, they are required to be registered in joint names with a lead landlord nominated to receive the rent. If you own properties in your own name along with properties in joint names you will need two separate registrations. One for individual properties and one for joint properties.

2. The second registration is for the management of the property. If you use a letting agent all you need to do is link an approved agent to each property. The online system provides a list of Agents authorised through the Rent Smart Wales scheme. The agent has to confirm they are acting for you and managing the property.

If you choose to manage the properties yourself then you need a license which will cost £144.00 for an online application or £186.00 for a paper application. You will need to attend a training course and pass a test from a Rent Smart Wales accredited trainer to ensure you comply with and are familiar with all the rules and regulations for renting and maintaining a rental property. Training courses vary in price depending on the training company but normally start from around £75.00.

Since 23rd November 2016, Rent Smart Wales has prosecuted landlords who fail to comply with the regulations. Enforcement orders can include a variety of penalties from fixed fines to loss of rent and rent repayment orders.

Any tenant who applies for a benefit, of any type, are asked to supply details of the property they are renting and councils or government departments are cross checking to ensure landlords are registered and licensed to manage the property under the scheme. Councils have authority to prosecute anyone who doesn’t comply with the requirements. Mortgage Lenders and Insurance Companies are being asked to ensure they don’t lend or insure unlicensed Landlords.

The process for registering is completed through the Rent Smart Wales website. Obtaining a management license will take a little longer. Don’t fall foul of the Rent Smart Wales Registration Scheme.

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