Questions to Ask When You Want a Home Built

Questions to Ask When You Want a Home Built

Land and Home

Ask about land and home packages they offer. Many custom home builders already have land they own so you can pick a place that you want your home to be. Of course one of the perks of building your own is to get it where you want it. If you have a special place in mind, they can help you to get it included with your home in one loan.

They can share with you what they feel it will cost of items you need such as electricity and plumbing. You may not be aware of all the things that have to be done behind the scenes to get land ready for a home to be built on it. You can be confident custom home builders know as they deal with these types of issues all the time. They can guide you through it.

Floor Plans

Most custom home builders have some basic floor plans they can share with you. If you like what you see, they can help you to go through the various options that allow you to customize it. You can get the colors you want and other details to fit your desires. If you have your own floor plan for them to look at, they should be happy to do so. It is all about what you want!

They can go over it with you and discuss what can be done and any challenges they may foresee. During these planning stages, there is still time for changes and additions. They won’t move forward with the real building until everything including price has been agreed upon.


It is a good idea to talk about financing early on. You don’t want to go through all the excitement of picking your place, floor plan, and then not being approved for the loan. Getting pre-approved is encouraged by most custom home builders. Many of them can help you get started with this part of the process. They want to see it all fall into place for you.


You should be patient with the process so it all goes smoothly. Expect to wait a year or so from the time you get started until your home is ready. There may be times when it is going to take longer or it can be done in less time. As you complete the various plans, custom home builders can help you with determining that amount of time needed.

There can be variables though including weather delays or inspections that hold things up. They will give you a good estimate though so you can plan when you should be able to move into your new home. That information can help you with plans to sell your current home or how long you will need a rental.

Don’t hesitate to ask for detailed information so you have all the facts. This is likely your first time going down this path. Working with an excellent builder who communicates with you and helps to get your questions answered is important. You want the outcome to be remarkable and well worth the investment. Don’t settle for anything less than that or it can become a problem.

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